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October 10, 2019 - A group of King’s College civil engineering students recently had the unique opportunity to visit the Route 309/River Street Ramp project. The field trip was organized by Dr. Tabitha Sprau Coulter, assistant professor of civil engineering at King’s, PennDOT and national engineering firm, Pennoni.

Students were able to walk along the ramp while learning about some of the design features and coordination issues associated with such a large-scale project. The group was able to utilize temporary decking to view the underside of the ramp.

“As a third-year civil engineering student just beginning to take my core engineering courses, travelling to this site gave me a new perspective on what my future might look like,” said Mike O’Brien.  “The engineers from the construction site explained the conceptual physics behind the project, making this experience very memorable.”

 “I hope to continue integrating site visits throughout students’ civil engineering education.  Field trips like this allow students to experience and contextualize what they’re learning in class,” said Sprau Coulter.