King’s College’s new campus store, Monarch Outfitters and Books, is now located in the building formerly occupied by S&W Restaurant at 149 North Main Street. The decision to return the bookstore to an on-campus location was influenced by the changing model of collegiate bookstores and the increasingly online-focused method of delivery for educational materials preferred by students, along with the desire to have an easily-accessible retail space on campus to purchase spirit store apparel and merchandise.

The virtual bookstore is now live!  Students can purchase books with a credit or debit card; King’s Cash and Book Vouchers will be available beginning the week of August 9, 2021. If students choose “Ship to Campus” and order by 4pm, their books will ship the same day and arrive on campus in two business days. They will be ready for pick-up on August 19th, plenty of time before classes start.

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How To Order

Log into WebAdvisor, choose Student Links All - Self Service. On the left, select the graduation cap. Scroll to My Course Books where all your books for your registered classes are listed. Please refer to the How to Order Guide for more detail. Students will receive an email once King’s Cash and Book Vouchers are available.