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FAQ's and Troubleshooting

  • Please be sure to click on the log in tab at the top of the screen in WebAdvisor and login first. Otherwise you will not be able to access any menu items.
  • Mobile devices such as iPhone, Droids, etc. might capitalize the first letter of the WebAdvisor login name. The WebAdvisor login name must be all lowercase.
  • We have identified a WebAdvisor conflict with users that have loaded Google Toolbar on Internet Explorer 7. For now we recommend you not load Google Toolbar on IE 7 and use WebAdvisor.
  • If you typo your password five times and get locked out of WebAdvisor, your lock will be cleared automatically in 15 minutes. Please do not attempt to login within the 15 minute time period otherwise the lockout time period will be reset.
  • If you have a business office hold or other campus hold on your account, you will not be able to view grades, transcripts or register online for classes. Under the Students Menu, please click the link "View ACTIVE Holds" in order to view all ACTIVE holds that may restrict your ability to view grades, transcripts or register online for classes. Also, the office (along with a phone number) that has placed the hold is displayed in a window AFTER accessing grades, transcripts or registering for classes. Please contact the office displayed in the window.
  • Notice to Verizon email users: Verizon is currently blocking WebAdvisor password reset email messages. You must either use your kings email address to send your reset to or contact the help line to get your username/password.
  • Please be sure to only use the links on this page to login to WebAdvisor. For security purposes, we recommend you not bookmark the site.
  • View instructions for How to Pay Tuition Online.
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