Major course requirements are listed under each of the majors of the various departments offering programs for secondary certification: Biology, Chemistry, English, French, General Science, History, Political Science, Mathematics, or Spanish. Citizenship Education certification requires a major in history or political science along with a prescribed social studies core of courses. All candidates seeking secondary certification must have the equivalent of six credits in mathematics and six credits in English.

EDUC 202 Educational Philosophy, Ethics, Issues, and Trends (3)
EDUC 215 Development, Cognition, and Learning I (3)
EDUC 240 Secondary Multicultural, Linguistic, and Educational Methods (3)
EDUC 350 Classroom Management (3)
EDUC 366 Methods for Teaching Diverse Secondary Students (3)
Special Methods of Teaching (These courses are only offered in the fall semester) (3)
" Citizenship Education, EDUC 303 Secondary Social Studies Methods
" English, ENGL 399 Methods of Teaching English
" Mathematics, EDUC 320 Secondary Mathematics Methods
" Science (Biology, Chemistry, and General Science), EDUC 302 Secondary Science Methods
" Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), EDUC 304 Secondary Foreign Language Methods
EDUC/SPED 270 Introduction to Special Education
EDUC/SPED 440 Inclusive Education (3)

EDUC 467 Observation and Student Teaching (10)
EDUC 468 Student Teaching Seminar (2)

CORE 154 Psychological Foundations (3)
EDUC 202 Educational Philosophy, Ethics, Issues, and Trends (3)
EDUC 215 Development, Cognition, and Learning I (3)
EDUC 216 Development, Cognition, and Learning II (3)
EDUC 220 The Education of Young Children: Theories, Practices, and Policies(3)
SPED 270 Introduction to Special Education (3)
EDUC/SPED 305 Assessment I (3)
EDUC/SPED 306 Assessment II (3)
SPED 370 Specifically Designed Instruction (3)
EDUC 424 Family Involvement and Communication (3)
SPED 440 Inclusive Education (3)

EDUC 230 PK-4 Multicultural, Linguistic, and Instruction Methods (3)
EDUC/SPED 260 Early Literacy Foundations (PK-1) (3)
EDUC 351 Creative Arts in the Classroom (3)
EDUC/SPED 390 Differentiated Reading for the Developing Child (3)
EDUC 360 Literacy Foundations for Primary Grades 2-4 (3)
EDUC 420 Social Studies Methods PK-4 (3)
EDUC 421 Math Methods PK-4 (3)
EDUC 422 Science Methods PK-4 (3)
EDUC/SPED 423 Literacy Across the Curriculum: The Reading-Writing Connection (3)

MATH 101 Theory of Arithmetic (3)
MATH 102 Algebra and Geometry (3)

BIOL 200 Life Science for Elementary Education (3) or a course from CORE 270 series
PHYS 100 Physical Science for Elementary Education (3)

CORE 181 American History (3) or CORE 188 American Government (3)

EDUC 437 Observation and Student Teaching (10)
EDUC 438 Student Teaching Seminar (2)

In addition to Secondary Education and Pre-K4 requirements, students seeking SPECIAL EDUCATION Certification 7-12 must take:

EDUC/SPED 215 Development, Cognition, and Learning I (3)
EDUC/SPED 216 Development, Cognition, and Learning II (3)
EDUC/SPED 270 Introduction to Special Education (3)
EDUC/SPED 305 Assessment I (3)
EDUC/SPED 306 Assessment II (3)
EDUC/SPED 311 Assistive Technology (3)
EDUC/SPED 312 Literacy Learning for the 7-12 Special Needs Student (3)
EDUC/SPED 313 Learning Environments for High and Low Incidence Disabilities (3)
EDUC/SPED 370 Specifically Designed Instruction (3)
EDUC/SPED 440 Inclusive Education (3)

King’s College Post Baccalaureate Certification Program

The King’s College Post Baccalaureate (Fast Track) Certification Program is designed for a person who holds a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college (with a minimum 3.0 GPA) and who wishes to obtain an initial teaching certificate or who is seeking an additional teaching certificate. The program includes courses that are taught in the evenings, and days. A very limited number of courses are “blended” (taught on- line and on-site.) Regardless of when taught, a number of education courses also require field experiences which take place during normal school hours.

Programs leading to certification include

Elementary: PK-4; PK-4/PK-8 Special Education, and PK-8 Special Education

Grades 4-8: Mathematics, Science

Secondary: Biology, Chemistry, English, History (Citizenship Education/Social Studies), General Science, Mathematics, Political Science (Citizenship Education/Social Studies, Physics and Special Education (7-12).

K-12: French, Spanish

  • Candidates who apply for the Post Baccalaureate Program are admitted on a probationary status until they complete six education credits at King’s College.
  • In addition to maintaining a 3.0 GPA for these classes, the candidate must also meet the Basic Skills requirement  (if they do not have a previous teaching certificate) and maintain current clearances as required by the Director of Field Placement.
  • Candidates must also have six credits of college level mathematics and six credits of college level English.
  • Once these requirements are met, candidates are then formally admitted to the Education Department as candidates for certification.

For further information, contact the Education Department at (570) 208-5983 between the hours of 9 – 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

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