Knowledge and appreciation of human interaction are essential for success in our rapidly expanding and diverse society. Course work in Psychology helps provide the foundations for increased understanding of the dynamics of human interaction. Irrespective of the direction of future endeavors, increased insight into human behavior should help facilitate decisions and transitions involving careers and aspects of personal life.

The subject matter of Psychology is applicable to many careers, and King’s Psychology majors are engaged in a variety of career fields, including Counseling, Industrial Psychology, Experimental Psychology, School Psychology, Teaching, Social Work, Law, Medicine, Physician Assistant, Criminal Justice, Human Resources, Business Administration, Labor Relations, and many others. King’s students have been accepted into graduate training programs in Psychology (e.g., Clinical, Counseling, Neuroscience, School, Child, Industrial, and Experimental), as well as other fields (e.g., Medicine, Law, Pharmacy, Social Work, and Business Administration).

At King’s we recognize the interdisciplinary interests of psychology students, and we offer double majors with virtually every other major at the College. A special feature of these double majors is the opportunity for the student and advisors to design interdisciplinary components reflecting individual interests.

Key parts of the major elective sequence are the internship program, and independent research. Students may choose work experience in a variety of settings, including psychiatric hospitals or residential programs, prisons, domestic violence centers, day care facilities, government agencies (CIA, White House), local police forces, municipal court systems, and a variety of business settings.

The internship experience allows students the opportunity to apply theories and knowledge to real life situations. Students may also elect to pursue an independent research project under the supervision of a departmental faculty member.

Since the 1970’s, nearly two-thirds of scholarly publications from the Department have had student co-authors.

The variety of courses, internships, and research possibilities, plus opportunities for minors and double majors, allow Psychology students to tailor their course work to their particular interests and desires, and prepare for a wide range of career opportunities.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
  • Bachelor of Science (B.S.)


Students can tailor their major to individual interests by choosing a concentration in either clinical/counseling, developmental, business/human resources, forensic, or neurobehavioral. These options allow students to focus their psychology courses on specific content areas.

Special Features

Opportunity for independent research (psychology majors’ work has been published in many professional journals and has been presented at regional, state, and national conferences); internships, either local, regional, or out-of-state; choice of tailoring the major sequence toward social sciences (bachelor of arts) or natural sciences (bachelor of science). Specialized concentrations within the major are available in clinical/counseling, developmental, business/human resources, forensic, and neurobehavioral psychology.