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Program Overview

Sociology is the scientific study of human interaction and society. Understanding and predicting how social groups -- ranging from workplace teams to entire societies -- function and change is the goal of the discipline. It includes the study of institutions such as family, work/occupations, education, religion, military, welfare, and social work. Also prominent in Sociology is the study of the problems facing society such as crime, poverty, juvenile delinquency, terrorism, aging, and minority/majority group relations. It is unique among the social sciences because it is not limited in focus to a single institution or level of analysis, but emphasizes the relations among all parts of society.



One great thing about getting a sociology degree is its flexibility. There are numerous and diversified career opportunities for sociology graduates -- and since it is literally the study of social structure and social change, an understanding of sociology makes you well-prepared for the rapidly changing career landscape of today. Some examples of career fields that sociology graduates enter are: social work, public administration, politics, law, business, research analyst/data scientist, communication, human resources, nonprofit management, and counseling. For more information and ideas, take a look at this this "fun" piece from Cosmopolitan (2014) magazine, the ASA's resource page on Careers in Sociology, or feel free to contact any sociology faculty member. 

Students have the opportunity to take an internship in various social agencies such as urban planning agencies, social service agencies, or social research programs.

Opportunities for Graduate Studies

Law school, graduate school in areas of sociology, public administration, urban planning, communication, counseling, and human resources management.

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Program Details

The undergraduate major in Sociology is valuable training for a variety of occupations. Many Sociology majors go on to fascinating careers in diverse jobs that are emerging in our changing society. Our recent graduates have started positions ranging from Pension Counselor, Family Life Counselor, Hospital Social Worker, Probation Counselor, Retail Sales Manager, Insurance Agent, Department Store Buyer, and Federal Wage & Hour Investigator. A deep understanding of the dynamics of social behavior is useful in virtually any occupation where people assist other people with serious concerns in their lives. Indeed, the careers of today are embedded in an increasingly diverse and globalized society where success is closely linked to one's ability to work effectively with people across different backgrounds and cultures.

In addition to the preparation of students for the world of work, Sociology is an excellent major to prepare for graduate and professional degrees in law, social work, public administration, health care administration, personnel management, data science/research analytics, city planning, international relations, and (of course) in sociology. Few other majors prepare a student for such a broad range of post graduate choices. At the very least, Sociology prepares students for life, no matter what one’s choice of occupation.

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