What good would a philosophy degree do? What job could I get?

Think about what employers want: people who write and speak clearly, think creatively and independently, persevere in the face of challenges, don’t pretend to know it all, and enjoy working with others to come to insight. Philosophy develops all those virtues and skills. What’s more, philosophy majors excel at standardized tests like the GMAT, LSAT, and GRE; see the numbers here. And keep in mind that, if you want to go to medical school or into other healthcare professions, the Association of American Medical Colleges recommends the humanities for developing students’ “communication skills, critical thinking, and cultural competences—all skills that are essential to becoming an effective physician.” Humanities majors even outscore biology majors on the MCAT.

What careers do King's graduates pursue?

Our graduates are currently working in the fields of law, medicine, business, education, government (including the FBI), counseling, social and community services, and computer programming.

What do King’s graduates say about their experience?

“Majoring in philosophy not only has helped me become a better person, but it has also equipped me with the tools needed to be successful in life. Entering the business world, I feel confident using the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills I developed throughout my time as a philosophy student.” — Liliya Palashchuk ‘19

"I pushed off taking a philosophy class as long as I could. As a science major, I liked my answers black and white. I liked numbers, formulas, and certainty, not spending the day pondering questions with no answers. If there is one thing I’m certain of now, it’s that I should have taken a philosophy class sooner! Unlike other majors, philosophy is personal, raw, and deeply meaningful. It teaches you a lot about the world and humankind, but most important, it teaches you about yourself. I can confidently say that my philosophy minor changed my life and was one of my most valuable assets in gaining acceptance into medical school." — Eve Kary ‘18

“Picking up the philosophy major was by far the best decision I ever made during my time at King’s. The interaction with both the students and professors alike has been a crucial part in helping me find out exactly who I am. The knowledge, critical thinking, and ability to discern the truth that the philosophy major provided me have allowed me to advance and succeed not only within my career as an accountant, but also with all aspects of my life.” — Frank Mrozowski ‘18

“Philosophy taught me to be a better critical thinker and it made me more confident in myself and my arguments. In addition, coupling the philosophy major with a STEM major (biology) allowed me to develop as both a scientist and a moral agent. Thanks to the philosophy major, I have a leg up on other STEM majors in applying to medical School.” — Krystal Szerszen ‘17

“It is often said that King’s teaches students how to live. The major that does that best is philosophy. Each course has prepared me for the world outside of college. Overall, philosophy has made me a better and more well-rounded individual because the discipline teaches you how to be a good person. Every day, I apply critical thinking and in-depth analysis in the behavioral health field. Simply put, philosophy has enabled me to help others.” — Marcus Sypeck ‘16

"I came into King’s as a French and international business double major. During my freshman year, I fell in love with philosophy and became a double major in French and philosophy. Writing a term paper on the meaning of life actually changed the meaning of my own life. Not only did I learn how to think critically and formulate arguments, but my perception of the world changed. With the transferable skills from a philosophy major or minor, a student can conquer the world." — Susan P. Addoms '15

“I wanted to go to law school and was afraid that not being a political science major would be a detriment to me when I took the LSAT. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Several of the readings and logic puzzles on the LSAT I had encountered before in my philosophy classes, and thus the LSAT ended up being easier for me with my philosophical background. I will go to law school on a full scholarship, and I already feel prepared thanks to the King’s College Philosophy Department.” — Elizabeth Wendolowski '11

“I was able to land a job with the FBI—no small accomplishment—proving that yes, you can do something with a degree in philosophy. In short, philosophy can make you—and the world around you—a whole lot more interesting. So what are you waiting for? Philosophy: Because it's major.” A. S. '08 (full name withheld for national security reasons)

Graduate school admissions:

Fordham University, University of Miami, Temple University School of Medicine, University of Utah, University of Southern California, and SUNY Buffalo