Philosophy (Greek for “love of wisdom”) addresses deep and fundamental questions of human existence: Is there a God? What is the meaning of life? What is ultimately real? What is mind, and how does it relate to the physical world? How should one make moral decisions? What is a just society? As the rigorous, systematic study of such big questions, philosophy is central to the mission of King’s College, which seeks to produce broadly educated men and women who possess a clear moral compass, are capable of articulate and critical reflection on the fundamental problems of the human condition, and are informed and reflective citizens.

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Degree Offered: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Compatible Second Major

A double major option is available to give students interdisciplinary credentials in philosophy for such fields as business, healthcare administration, or economics.

Major and minors

Both a major and minor program in philosophy are offered, as well as a minor in ethics in cooperation with the theology department and the McGowan Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility.

Relevant Links

  • Philosophy Major & Minor
  • Ethics Minor
  • McGowan Center for Ethics and Social Responsibility
  • Wiley/Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series (edited by William Irwin)
    • The Wiley Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture Series is a collection of books, edited by Professor William Irwin, that uses topics in popular culture to introduce general audiences to important ideas and arguments in philosophy. Irwin’s efforts to bring philosophy to the masses in this way began in 1999, when he edited Seinfeld and Philosophy, and quickly expanded with popular titles on The Simpsons and The Matrix. The series with Wiley Blackwell includes titles on a variety of pop culture topics including: The Avengers, Batman, South Park, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Star Trek, House M.D., Metallica, Disney, Lego, Dungeons and Dragons, Bioshock, Inception and Black Mirror.
    • Emeritus Professor of Philosophy Gregory Bassham edited The Hobbit and Philosophy and The Ultimate Harry Potter and Philosophy. Professor David Kyle Johnson, in addition to contributing to the series regularly and editing the series’ volumes on Inception and Black Mirror, regularly teaches a “Pop Culture and Philosophy” course (inspired by Irwin’s series) at King’s College. The topics of the course can be specific or wide-ranging and vary regularly—from The Simpsons and South Park, to Star Trek and Black Mirror, and far beyond.
  • "Ethics in Focus" forum (edited by Bernard Prusak) in the journal Expositions: Interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities