Many have earned master’s degrees in mathematics, science, business, and education. Others have graduated from law school. Secondary mathematics teachers are always in demand. Many of our graduates are successful in business, industry and government. Many mathematics graduates are employed by insurance or investment companies.  These companies, along with numerous government agencies and others from business and industry, are constantly seeking graduates with superior logical and technical skills. Mathematics majors easily fit this niche and thus are in high demand in a society which is rapidly becoming more quantitative. Most often mathematics graduates are hired because of their logical, quantitative, and technical capabilities and then trained by the employer to perform in their specific environment.

Our graduates have become mathematics teachers, research mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries, economists, computer scientists, engineers, lawyers, and medical doctors. Job placements of recent graduates include:

  • National Security Agency
  • Millers Life Insurance Agency
  • Prudential Associates
  • Met Life
  • Bell Labs
  • AT&T
  • RCA
  • Westinghouse
  • Teaching both secondary and collegiate-level mathematics courses.

Opportunities for Graduate Studies

Our graduates have earned doctorates from universities which include Brown, Cornell, Notre Dame and SUNY (mathematics); Penn State, SUNY, and VPI (statistics); Vanderbilt (engineering); MIT, University of Pennsylvania, and The Pennsylvania State University (chemistry); University of Pennsylvania (medicine); and Syracuse (economics).