The number and diversity of placements shows that English majors do many things in addition to teaching. Several pursue careers in law (environmental, corporate or litigation), or in areas related to public policy; others, equipped with a minor or second major in a pertinent field, work in business, in sales or marketing, or in editing and communications. Some are freelance writers or journalists; others continue in advanced degree programs to teach at the secondary and college levels or in specialized fields, such as reading or writing. The opportunity for creative, challenging careers is limited only by one’s imagination. Recent placements in business and industry include:

  • Document analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Media director
  • Legal secretary
  • Reporter
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Research fellow
  • Editor
  • Advertising Sales
  • Projects writer
  • Assistant to the editorial supervisor
  • Document research specialist
  • Assistant news director
  • International facilitator

Opportunities for Graduate Studies

Law; Literature; Composition & Rhetoric; Education; Counseling; Business Administration: Social Work; Theatre; Communications.

Graduate school placements include: American University, Catholic University, Duquesne University, Georgetown University, Lehigh University, Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), American University, University of Delaware, SUNY Binghamton, and West Virginia University.

Law school placements include: Seton Hall University, Penn State-Dickinson, the University of Pennsylvania, Villanova University, and Widener University.