These lists are guidelines, please see Academic Planners for current details.


Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Major Program Requirements (22 COURSES — 72 CREDITS)

Code Name Credits
BMB 110 Introduction to Biochemical Techniques 1
BMB 353L Advanced Biochemical Techniques 2
BMB 455 Senior Seminar 1
BMB 456 Senior Seminar 1
BIOL 113 Evolution and Diversity with Lab 4
BIOL 213 Cell and Molecular Biology with Lab 4
BIOL 370 Junior Seminar 2
BIOL 353/ CHEM 353 Biochemistry 3
BIOL 450 Molecular Genetics 4
CHEM 113/L General Chemistry I 4
CHEM 114/L General Chemistry II 4
CHEM 241/L Organic Chemistry I 4
CHEM 242/L Organic Chemistry II 4
CHEM 243/L Analytical Chemistry 5
CHEM 244/L Instrumental Analysis 5
MATH 129 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I 4
MATH 130 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II 4
PHYS 113/L Physics for Scientists and Engineers I 4
PHYS 114/L General Physics II with Lab 4

It is advised that students take at least one semester of BIOL 229 (Independent research) or CHEM X96,X97 (Chemical Research). There is no Biochemistry and Molecular Biology minor, and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology majors may not minor in Biology or Chemistry. In addition to the courses listed above, 4 more courses from the list below are required (12 credits). Other upper level (300 or 400 designation) courses may be substituted with the permission of the Program Director:

BIOL 314 Microbiology
BIOL 323 Genetics
BIOL 326 Immunology
BIOL 330 Introduction to Bioinformatics
BIOL 336 Cell Biology
BIOL 456 Molecular Neuroscience
BIOL 490 Senior Research
CHEM 357 Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 471 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 480 Bioinorganic Chemistry
CHEM 475 Advanced Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 496 Senior Research

General Information

A student must earn a minimum of 120 credit hours to be awarded the baccalaureate degree. The number of credit hours required for graduation may be higher in certain major programs or if the student elects to pursue a second major.

Beyond the requirements of the Core Curriculum and of a student's chosen major program, the balances of the credit hours required for graduation are "free electives."