BMB 110L — Introduction to Biochemical Techniques (1)
This course will introduce students to the chemistry of biological processes. Topics covered include proper use of micropipettes, data collection, data planning, experimental design and data analysis. Student groups will work with a faculty mentor to complete and report on an independent project related to the faculty member's research program. Prerequisites: BIOL 113, CHEM 113, MATH 129, or permission of the instructor. 3 laboratory hours.
BMB 353L — Advanced Biochemical Techniques (2)
Students will gain hands-on experience with modern biochemical tools and techniques. This course builds upon the concepts learned in the biochemistry course and is intended for biochemistry (BMB) majors. It is organized around a semester long project designed and carried out by the students. Students will use molecular visualization, protein mutagenesis, protein purification and characterization to carry out their projects. 4 laboratory hours. Prerequisites: CHEM 242, Pre- or Co-requisite: CHEM 353/BIOL353.
BMB 455, 456 — Senior Seminar (1, 1)
Critical assessment of the biochemistry primary literature. Students will apply skills learned in BIOL370 to review and present a recent paper, one each semester. Fall semester students will lead discussion of a paper in a rigorous but informal style similar to a journal club. Spring semester students will present either their own independent research or a different paper in a style consistent with a professional meeting poster session. Students will present for both fellow students and biochemistry program faculty. Attendance at presentations of other students is required. 1 lecture hour. Prerequisites: BMB 353L, BIOL 370.