The Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (BMB) major is designed to provide a cross-discipline experience to prepare well-rounded scientists who are competitive for professions in health, industry, academia and government. A BMB degree can land you in a variety of places. BMB majors go on to work in:

  • Graduate programs in biology, chemistry, biochemistry or related fields to earn a Master's or Ph. D.
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Secondary and higher education
  • Government employment at national research labs, doing cancer research for example
  • Health-related fields

As with the biology and chemistry majors at King's college, the course requirements can also be used toward preparation for prehealth professions and medical school exams (MCATs). The integrative nature of the BMB program, with the hands-on experience provided in the laboratory courses and research requirement, provide excellent preparation for a variety of professions in addition to this list.