King’s College now recognizes student service on academic transcripts.  If you work 200 or 400 total service hours (or more) while you are at King’s, we would like the world to know about it.  Potential employers, graduate schools, and internship coordinators will all able to see official recognition of your work, and you can note this achievement on resumés.  

In order to get this honor, you must tell us about the service you do!   Just go to the new online Transcript Recognition Form and answer a few short questions about your service—it’s that easy!

If you have already done service besides FYE/CORE 90 this year, please let us know!  All students will begin with 5 automatic hours for their FYE/CORE 90 community work. Whenever possible, please notify the Shoval Center within 30 days of the completion of any service work.

Types of community service that qualify:

  • Volunteer projects with community organizations
  • SERVE trips with King's College
  • Volunteer work with King's clubs and departments
  • Work for organized fundraisers
  • Service-learning classes and other course-based service
  • Community-based work-study
  • Internships with service agencies and organizations

Examples of ineligible activities

  • Individual volunteer work for family or friends
  • Paid work for most for-profit organizations

Please talk to the Shoval Center staff if you have any questions before doing community service work. All submissions are subject to approval by the Shoval Center before being included in your total hour count.

Please note that we can only give this distinction to students when they graduate: we cannot officially record or transfer service hours for non-graduates.

Thank you for your participation in this program!