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Program Overview

A major program in General Science is available to students whose goals and interests require a diversity of exposure to science disciplines and flexibility in selection of science courses. The major in General Science is appropriate for students who are preparing for careers in the health professions (Pre-Medical, Pre-Dental, Pre-Veterinary, etc.), for those who wish to enter graduate school programs at the Masters or Doctoral degree levels, for those students who wish to attain Teacher Certification, and those preparing for employment in a variety of science or science-related career areas.

The major sequence course requirements for the General Science Major provide a breadth of exposure to the science disciplines; the choices available for minor concentration provide diversity and flexibility so that a student can readily obtain specific preparation needed for individual postgraduate plans.

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  • Professional school in the healing arts. (The professional school admissions requirements must be checked carefully.)
  • Graduate school
  • Secondary or middle school teaching
  • Employment in businesses which apply science or technology, employment as a laboratory bench scientist, and employment in governmental agencies which oversee science or environmental initiatives.
Opportunities for Graduate and Professional Schools
  • Medical School
  • Dental School
  • Veterinary School
  • Optometry School
  • Osteopathic School
  • Podiatry School
  • Master's and doctoral work in various specializations
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Program Details

Course electives available in the Core Curriculum and within the minor concentration areas also allow the student to tailor the General Science Major toward specific goals, and/or select combinations with other disciplines outside of science where such combinations are appropriate or required for postgraduate career plans.

Students need to consult with postgraduate programs of interest, the Program Director and faculty advisors to become aware of specific requirements that may not be part of the Major Sequence requirements or the minor program requirements listed herein.

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Additional Info

Compatible Minors

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental and Sustainability Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Neuroscience
  • Physics
  • Forensic Studies

Special Features

  • Off-campus internships
  • Parente Life Science Center with state-of-the-art  teaching and research laboratories and equipment
  • Undergraduate research
  • Academic and career advisement programs
  • Peer tutoring programs
  • Work-study opportunities
  • Guest speaker programs

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Ann Yezerski, Ph.D.
Program Director

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