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5 Oct 2015 - We are working to correct a sporadic issue causing wireless devices to remain connected but not pass traffic.  Stay tuned here for updates and replert ANY issues to help@kings.edu or xHELP

As we expand KC Wireless, you may have discovered deactivated ports in your residence hall. If you need assistance in setting up some smart devices, we put together a guide that might help. Further questions can be referred to the Help Desk.

Don’t forget—your King’s College Email/Office365 account comes with free downloads of Office 2013 for up to 5 devices. Get your complimentary copies today.

New students: Have you set up all your administrative services at King’s? This guide/checklist covers all the things a new student should be familiar with.

New office phones are being deployed around campus. Find out more about this project, click here.

Don’t forget: Any strange, unexpected, or suspicious emails should be sent to help@kings.edu. Never give up your King’s account password. IITS will never ask you for your password (not via email, phone, or in person).  If you have any concerns about a suspicious e-Mail, always contact the HELP line-- help@kings.edu or 570-208-5900, ex. 4357 (HELP)-- BEFORE opening any attachments or clicking on any links.

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