31 Mar 2015: Over the past few days we have witnessed a dramatic increase in e-Mail phishing schemes being directed to King’s College e-Mail accounts. These messages use deceptive tactics and they are designed to fool you into clicking on a link or replying with your user name, password or personal information. Many of these messages also pretend to be coming from a person or business that you are familiar with.

• PLEASE do not respond or reply to these messages….simply delete them.

• PLEASE feel free to check with the help line if you have any doubts about the authenticity of any message ( or xHELP).

• If you have already responded to any such message, please contact the help line immediately.

King’s College IITS will NEVER request your username, password or personal info at any time.


In order to complete the transition to the NEW campus wireless network, the old college wireless network was renamed from "KC" to "Kings" (on 12/26/2014). This will allow the NEW wireless network to become KC. If you are in the coverage area for the new wireless network, your device should connect to KC normally. If you are outside the coverage area of the new wireless network, you will need to connect to "Kings" to use the old wireless network.

Beginning 12/2 we will be working to add wireless internet access to Holy Cross Hall. We expect this project to take several weeks and there should be no interruption of internet service during the installation.

We've see quite a few phishing schemes requesting you reply with username & password. THIS IS PHISHING! Do not reply or click on any links. We are working to remove/block these messages and as always...King's College IITS will never ask you for personal information or password/username information. If you have any concerns about a suspicious e-Mail, always contact the HELP line ( or xHELP) BEFORE opening any attachments or clicking on any links.



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