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Program Overview

The King’s College Exercise Science major provides students with an understanding of the physiological, biomechanical, and psychological effects of exercise on the human body. This unique and challenging program is designed to prepare students for a wide range of careers in the fast-growing fields of health, wellness, and fitness. The Exercise Science major at King’s College provides students with a foundation of both theoretical and clinical knowledge while adhering to the King’s mission to “teach its students not only how to make a living, but how to live.”

King’s College offers six tracks within the major of Exercise Science.

professor demonstrating the use of exercise science equipment


A student graduating from this exercise science program could work in areas such as health promotion, fitness development, colleges and universities, clinical and hospital rehabilitation, and sport and athletic programs.

Examples of specific careers immediately available upon graduation
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs in the exercise science industry
  • Sports and wellness program instructors and directors
  • Researchers in companies that make physiological equipment for testing and evaluation
  • Managers and exercise leaders in corporate wellness programs
  • Instructors in health and fitness clubs
  • Supervisors of specialized health, fitness, wellness, or lifestyle programs in correctional services, police, fire, and emergency response organizations
  • Fitness instructors in YMCAs, spas and resort centers
  • Fitness directors and managers in the military
  • Exercise technologists in cardiology suites
  • Fitness instructors and supervisors at the state, regional, and national levels in sports and athletic programs
  • Sports consultants in areas of psychology and training, biomechanics, efficiency and metabolism, and nutrition
  • Electrophysiology technologists in hospital settings
Examples of careers requiring post-graduate education
  • Educators/Researchers at institutions of higher learning in Exercise Physiology, Exercise Psychology, Biomechanics, Physiology, Biomedical Science, Public Health.
  • Physical Therapists in hospitals, in-patient/out-patient/in-home rehabilitation settings
  • Cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation specialists
  • Strength coaches for college, university and professional sports programs
  • Exercise and/or Sport Psychologists
  • Physician Assistants*
  • Physicians*
  • Chiropractors*
  • Veterinarians*
  • Pharmacists*

*additional coursework in organic chemistry, biochemistry, and/or microbiology may be required  depending on the specific graduate program

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Program Details

Tracks Available

Both the Strength and Conditioning and Exercise Physiology tracks will prepare students to enter the field of Exercise Science directly. However, these two tracks differ in terms of their preparation of students for varying post-graduate degree programs. Please refer to specific description of these two tracks in the later part of this handbook.

The Pre-Athletic Training Track is for students who wish to pursue the 3+2 Master of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) Program, an exciting, innovative, accelerated program that allows students to obtain a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science and a Master of Science in Athletic Training in five years.

The Exercise Science & Chiropractic Track allows students to achieve a Bachelor of Science Degree (B.S.) in Exercise Science at King’s College, as well a Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.) degree at New York Chiropractic College. This unique track allows qualified students to complete both degrees in a total of 7 years (3+4) instead of 8 (4+4).

The Exercise Science Occupational Therapy Track (3+3 OTD track) BS/OTD program requires six years of academic studies, including six months of clinical fieldwork and a 14-week doctoral capstone experience. This accelerated degree program leads to an entry-level Clinical Doctorate after graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with a Minor in Neuroscience.

DEGREE OFFERED: Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Exercise Science

Major Resources

Special Features

  • Brand new, 1500+ sq. ft. state-of-the-art exercise science lab
  • Cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Dedicated class room space adjacent to the lab offers hand-on education
  • Gross Anatomy Lab on site
  • Outstanding young and energetic faculty on the cutting edge of current exercise science research
students taking vitals of a person on a treadmill

Contact Us

Jan Kretzschmar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
(570) 208-5900 ext. 5687

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