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Program Overview

Economics is the study of the choices we make in our daily lives, both as individuals and as communities. It considers the impact of small and large resource decisions on the individual, on society, and on the natural world. Because many of these decisions are made in the marketplace, an understanding of Economics is essential for those pursuing a career in any aspect of business. Likewise, those preparing for professional work in politics and law should have knowledge of economic fundamentals, as government decision-makers continue to play a key role throughout the global economy. The Economics curriculum is designed to give the first formal training in Economics to those students who would become professional economists and to those who seek knowledge of Economics as part of their training for other professions such as law, banking, government, or industry.



Federal, state, and local governments seek economists to analyze policy and plan for development. Businesses and banks regularly hire economics majors for management training programs, financial analysis, and forecasting. Recent economics graduates are employed by various private firms and government agencies, including the Comptroller of the Currency, the Census Bureau, the FDIC, and Merrill Lynch . Some have their own consulting firms. The major program is also appropriate for those wishing to teach high school social studies.

Opportunities for graduate studies

M.A./M.S., Ph.D.: Recent graduates have pursued advanced degrees in Economics from University of Delaware, Rutgers University, Binghamton University, University of Nebraska at Omaha (Urban Planning), and University of Maryland.

M.B.A.: Recent graduates have pursued Masters in Business Administration degrees from Lehigh and Drexel Universities.

J.D.: Recent graduates have pursued law degrees from Ohio State University, University of Pennsylvania, George Washington University, and American University

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Program Details

Students desiring to pursue graduate studies in Economics are advised to take appropriate courses in the Department of Mathematics.

The minor can be useful for a variety of students. For humanities and social science majors, Economics can provide a quantitative and analytical background and a familiarity with economic ways of thinking. A minor in Economics contains some of the prerequisites for several graduate degrees and is especially helpful in the pursuit of an MBA and in many areas of law.

In conjunction with the Political Science Department, a minor in Political Economy is also offered.

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Additional Info

Compatible Minors

In conjunction with the Political Science Department, a minor in Political Economy is also offered.

Special Features

The economics curriculum facilitates the pursuit of a double major in a variety of disciplines, including political science, environmental and sustainability studies, international business, and finance. Local businesses, banks, and agencies (such as the Commission on Economic Opportunity, Pennsylvania Economy League and NEPA Alliance) offer opportunities for internships. Students may also pursue out-of-town and international internships. Faculty members will work with seniors on independent studies to pursue the students’ specific interests. Economics majors are also encouraged to study abroad.

Mission of the King's College Economics Department

As an integral component of the mission of King’s College, the Department of Economics envisions its primary role as educating the hearts and minds of students through the Core curriculum and major program. In these courses, faculty engage students in the pursuit of knowledge about contemporary and historic economic issues, while introducing them to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching, against which economic actions may be judged. In order to expose students to current thinking within the discipline and the challenges of economic realities, the Economics faculty engages in scholarly research, creates partnerships with local and international community organizations, and develops opportunities for students to study, intern, and serve abroad. Recognizing the benefit of learning through experience and the moral obligation to contribute to the community, the Department of Economics encourages all who are a part of it to serve.

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Margarita Rose, Ph.D.
Department Chairperson

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