Our strong and active alumni network ensures that graduates will have extensive support during and after program completion, which has led to 100% of our graduates being employed in a variety of settings. Among the high-profile organizations our graduates have secured jobs with:

Professional Sports

  • National Football League: Kansas City Chiefs, Philadelphia Eagles, Minnesota Vikings
  • Major League Soccer: New York City Football Club

NCAA Division I Colleges/Universities

  • University of Louisville, University of Texas San Antonio, University of Virginia

US Olympic and Paralympic Teams

  • Lake Placid Olympic Training Center

Our athletic training graduates are also employed in organizations outside of sports environments in emerging settings such as:

  • Physician Practice – clinical staff, operating room technicians, and primary rehabilitation positions
  • Performing Arts – theater, dance, music, and entertainment (Acrobatics, circus, movies/television industry)
  • Health Care Administration – administrative/management positions in physician practices, hospital systems, pharmaceuticals, insurance carriers, etc.
  • Industrial – Utility workers, warehouses, manufacturing plants
  • Military – All five branches of the armed forces employ ATs to work with their personnel
  • Public Safety – police, fire, federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies (FBI, DEA, Homeland Security), plus wilderness fire and rescue personnel
  • Rehabilitation Clinics – primary rehabilitation in outpatient and inpatient clinics
  • Community Outreach – hospital and clinical outreach, youth sports, club sports, large tournament/event services
  • Analytics and Outcomes style research
  • Business: Private enterprises, durable medical equipment sales, consulting