(15 credits)

CIS 110                       Introduction to Computer Applications for Business

CORE 153                   Principles of Economics: Macro

CORE 180                   Social Science in an American Context

CORE 193/IB 241     Globalization

MATH 123                 Finite Math



ECON 112                  Principles of Economics: Micro

ECON 221                  Quantitative Methods for Business and Economics

MSB 100                    Introduction to Business (1 credit)

MSB 110                    Introduction to Financial Reporting

MSB 120                    Introduction to Management Control and Planning

MSB 200                    Principles of Management

MSB 210                    Principles of Marketing

MSB 220                    Financial Management

MSB 240                    Business Law I

MSB 250                    Business Communication and Mentoring

MSB 287                    Business Ethics

MSB 305                    Organizational Behavior

MSB 400                    Professional Seminar (2 credits)

MSB 480                    Strategic Management



Students may choose from any elective course offered/accepted by the College, including non-business courses from the arts and sciences including study abroad experiences and foreign languages.

Required Courses

(8 courses - 20 credits)

BUS 280                Introduction to Health Care Systems

BUS 285                Medical Practice Administration

BUS 380                Health Care Operations Management and Economics

BUS 380L              Health Care Operations Management Lab (1 credit)

FIN 360                 Financial Management for Health Care Managers

HRM 210              Human Resources Management

Management Elective - Selected from any course in the School of Business for which the student meets the prerequisites.

CARP 412             Career Planning II (1 credit)