Who We Are

As one of the largest departments on campus, the English Department provides students with a variety of literature and writing courses and serves as dedicated, student-centered advisors to all our majors and minors, both in their academic pursuits while here at King’s and in their lives beyond college. 

Our Degree Options

Students in English can choose among three majors: the Bachelor of Arts in English, the Bachelor of Arts in English with Secondary Education Certification, or the Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing. The Bachelor of Arts in English emphasizes the analysis of literary and cultural texts in a range of historical and aesthetic contexts. The Secondary Education degree emphasizes the same knowledge and skills, but with an added component of classes focused on education and pedagogy. The Bachelor of Arts in Professional Writing includes the study of the art of writing (both professionals and creative, rhetorical theory (including visual and digital rhetoric), the practicalities of day-to-day workplace writing, and an introduction to some of the software and technologies on which professional writers (and their employers) depend.

Career Opportunities

Our graduates work in a variety of fields.  Some now practice law or are high school or university educators; some work for advertising firms, newspapers, and publishing companies; some work in federal, state, and local government environments; and others hold positions of responsibility and leadership in business, industry, and the health field.

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