Full-Time Faculty

Department Chairperson
Dr. Valerie Kepner         
Associate Professor of Economics
B.A., University of Minnesota
M.S., Iowa State University
Ph.D., Colorado State University
McGowan Hall Room 322
570.208.5900 x5256

Dr. Margarita M. Rose
Professor of Economics
B.A., St. Joseph's University
M.A., Ph.D., University of Notre Dame
McGowan Hall Room 323
570.208.5900 x5778

Mr. Steven H. Seitchik
Associate Professor of Economics
B.A. Albright College
M.S. Temple University
McGowan Hall Room 316
570.208.5900 x5615

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Peter Bohling
Instructor of Economics
B.A. Miami University (Ohio)
M.A. University of Iowa
Ph.D. University of Massachusetts, Amherst
McGowan Hall Room 321

Mr. Royce Vaughn
Instructor of Economics
B.A. King’s College
M.S. University of Delaware
McGowan Hall Room 318

Mr. Wayne Wolfe
Instructor of Economics
B.A. King's College
Masters Certificate in Health Services Leadership, Kings College
MBA, Wilkes University
Texas A&M University (M.S. Finance and Economics) (West Texas Campus)
McGowan Hall Room 321