A degree in chemistry from King’s College is the gateway to a wide variety of careers. These range from “traditional” roles (such as analysis and synthesis), through interdisciplinary fields (e.g. materials, biochemistry) to “non-traditional” professions such as research and development, education, medicine, law, forensic science, technical writing, and pharmaceutical marketing.

Professional placements include: Merck, Johnson & Johnson, Benjamin Moore, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Archer Daniels Midland, Air Products, PPL, Penn Color, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi Pasteur, MarChem Northeast, Avantor Performance Materials, Champlain Cable Company, and High School Chemistry Teachers

Opportunities for Graduate Studies

Many careers in chemistry and related fields require advanced degrees. About half of our graduates eventually continue their education. Our graduates are very successful in being admitted into the best graduate schools (Half get accepted at the top 50 chemistry graduate programs in the country including Berkeley, Stanford, and Penn as recent examples), and in winning financial support. In recent years, each of our graduates accepted to graduate school has earned an award which provides a salary in addition to all tuition and fees. Opportunities include M.S./Ph.D. in chemistry, biochemistry, environmental science, forensic science, materials science, molecular biology, physiology, education, or business; doctor of medicine or dentistry, and law school. Each student who has chosen graduate school has received a graduate fellowship or assistantship. Their education has thus been free (they also each received a stipend). Several of our graduates have received scholarships to medical school, which is a great rarity.

Graduate school placements include: Berkeley, MIT, Stanford, Cornell, Texas at Austin, Princeton, Penn, Penn State, UNC, Johns Hopkins, Colorado at Boulder, Ohio State, Rice, U of Florida, Pitt, Duke, Michigan State, Florida State, USC, U of Virginia, Stony Brook, Notre Dame, Delaware, Kansas, South Carolina, Syracuse, Georgetown, Temple, and Lehigh