Welcome to King’s College. We are excited to have you join the King’s family and become a Monarch!

In order to best prepare you for your first semester, King’s College offers our first-year students an opportunity to participate in our New Student Orientation. This is a two-part program comprised of Part One: Academic Orientation and Part Two: The King's First Year Experience.


Prior to Academic Orientation: Prior to scheduling and attending your Academic Orientation Session, you are REQUIRED to access the New Student Portal to complete your placement testing, student questionnaire, and other necessary forms. The New Student Portal is also where you schedule your Academic Orientation Session and access your King’s E-mail for the first time.

Academic Orientation is a one-day program designed to help first-year students and their families with the transition from high school to King’s College. During this one-day program, you will meet with an academic advisor, receive your class schedule, and attend other important sessions that will help in your transition to college. Parents are welcome to attend.

The King's First Year Experience is the second part of our orientation program. The program is designed as a way for you to become better acquainted with life on campus as well as introduce you to staff, faculty, administrators, and fellow students that make up the King’s College community. The King's First Year Experience begins with resident move-in and commuter check-in for all first-year students on August 23, 2018