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Rev. Donald Grimes, C.S.C., Award for Service Learning Teaching Excellence

2023 Recipient: Joan Blewitt

The Rev. Donald J. Grimes, C.S.C., Award for Service Learning Teaching Excellence recognizes a faculty member who has exhibited distinction in integrating service and learning in courses at King's. The recipient is a teacher who has combined service and learning in a way that especially aids students' learning; that causes students to reflect critically on the service work they have done; that empowers and energizes students to do further and informed work in the community; and that meets a real community need.

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Faculty Resources

Rev. Donald Grimes, C.S.C., Award Past Recipients

  • 2007 Maureen Gaffney
  • 2008 Laurie Ayre
  • 2009 Michael Little
  • 2010 Jean O'Brien
  • 2011 Margarita Rose
  • 2012 Bridget Costello
  • 2013 Paul Lindenmuth
  • 2014 Valerie Kepner
  • 2015 Dan Issing
  • 2016 Janice Thompson
  • 2017 Scott Weiland
  • 2018 Jennifer Yonkoski
  • 2019 Jennifer Darrell
  • 2020 Marc Marchese
  • 2021 Bro. Stephen LaMendola
  • 2022 Tara Shawver
  • 2023 Joan Blewitt

Service Learning Syllabi and Course Outlines

Designing Service Learning Classes

Projects for Combining Service and Learning

Reflection Guides

Managing Placements