The mission of the MSNS program echoes that of King’s College, with a specific focus on “pursuing excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship,” as well as “student formation in a nurturing community.” We strive to engage learners in a collaborative, interactive learning environment that encourages critical inquiry and ethical, evidence-based nutrition practice.

Upon completion of the Master of Science in Nutrition Science (MSNS) program, students will be able to:

  • Critically evaluate and translate scientific evidence-based health and nutrition science research.
  • Apply evidence-based science to design and implement nutrition education and health promotion programs.
  • Utilize best practices in communication and teaching techniques to deliver nutrition education and health promotion programs.
  • Apply and demonstrate best practices in digital communications to interface with clients, customers, peers, administrators, and health care providers.
  • Communicate evidence-based health and nutrition research to a wide variety of audiences.