The mission of the MSNS program echoes that of King’s College, with a specific focus on “pursuing excellence in teaching, learning, and scholarship”, as well as “student formation in a nurturing community”. Our program’s ultimate aim is to engage learners in a collaborative, interactive learning environment that encourages critical inquiry and ethical, evidence-based nutrition practice in a spirit of service, social responsibility and leadership. Upon completion of the Master of Science in Nutrition Science, students will be able to:

  1. Apply biochemical, clinical, and nutritional knowledge to guide nutritional analysis, interventions, and monitoring.
  2. Observe and analyze common eating patterns and relate the importance of early intervention in the prevention of disease and maintenance of health.
  3. Assess nutritional needs of individuals, establish nutritional priorities, and apply an individualized evidence-based therapeutic intervention.
  4. Evaluate the role of demographics, ethical decisions, and community influences in nutritional needs, choices, attitudes and behaviors.
  5. Describe and defend the fundamental elements of research design and evaluate empirical literature for quality and applicability.