Estimated costs are approximate, and may vary year to year

Tuition: $788/graduate credit

  • Graduate Year 1 Tuition: 22.0 credits max* (includes thesis) = $17,336
  • Graduate Year 2 Tuition: 21.0 credits max* (includes thesis) = $16,548

Total Graduate Tuition: $33,884 max*

*Cost of 2 years of tuition without completing the optional research thesis and traditional RWPE schedule (39 total credits) = $30,732

Program and other fees and expenses not included with tuition:

  • Laptop computer: $1500
  • Virtual food labs: $250
  • Clothing required for supervised experiential learning: $220
  • Drug test: $100
  • Medical Exam:$200
  • Professional Liability Insurance: $30/year (obtain online): $60
  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Student Membership ($58 per year): $120
  • Background check fees: $50
  • Text books: $1200
  • Total Program and Other Fees: $3700

TOTAL ESTIMATED COST for 2 Year Program, Tuition + Fees: $37,584

The following costs are variable and NOT included in the above estimate:

  • Student Health Insurance
  • Housing Costs (rent/lease), food expenses, other household expenses
  • Students must provide their own transportation to and from their sites.
  • Students must have access to a computer and printer.

Financial Aid: King’s College does not provide financial aid to graduate students. However, graduate students can apply for federal and state financial aid and for private loans. To apply for federal loans, graduate students must complete the FAFSA. You are strongly encouraged to contact King’s College’s Office of Financial Aid if you have questions about tuition and fees. Phone: 570-208-5876 | Email:

Students are responsible for researching and applying for their alternative loan(s). You may borrow up to the total cost of attendance less any other financial aid. Students may be eligible for and are responsible for applying for private loans up to the total cost of attendance. King’s College encourages comparison of lenders/loan terms for selection of the one that best fits your needs. For deferment of existing loans, contact your loan provider for forms, and Roxane Way Carter ( at the Commission on Dietetic Registration (CDR) for necessary information.

Academy Foundation Scholarships are also available for Student Academy Members. For more information about these scholarships, please see the Foundation’s website.

Academic Calendar: Visit the King’s College Academic Calendar to find key dates and deadlines for each accelerated semester. During didactic courses, the King’s College Academic Calendar is observed. During RWPE SEL, it may be necessary to work outside of the King’s College Academic Calendar, depending on site placement, facility hours, and preceptor availability.