Health services providers and systems recognize that the path to success as a healthcare professional requires complementary skills in many areas of the profession. Through the William G. McGowan School of Business Assurance of Learning Program, students are expected to achieve a genuine integration of liberal, management, and professional healthcare education, and to be prepared for success in the competitive global marketplace.

The William G. McGowan School of Business insists that its students see how diverse subject matters interrelate; that its students think and communicate clearly about principles, rather than merely repeat them; that its students understand the context and evolution of their disciplines; that business and healthcare administration courses are complementary to and an extension of a liberal education. To achieve these outcomes, the School of Business has identified the following learning goals for its specialized Health Care Administration program.

A student graduating with a Master of Science in Health Care Administration from the William G. McGowan School of Business will:

  • be an effective communicator; Our students will be able to prepare and properly deliver a complete, concise presentation related to health care administration, and prepare and properly format a complete, concise document related to health care administration.
  • be a problem solver; Our students to be able to identify and analyze alternatives and recommend a course of action in unstructured health care administration problems, and to think through dilemmas they face and to propose courses of action, justify their recommendations and formulate alternative solutions.
  •  be ethically and socially responsible; Our students will be able to stand up for what they think, after due reflection, is right, hold ethically defensible views, move to a higher, more sophisticated or more mature stage of moral reasoning,, and develop the capacity to implement ethical decisions.
  • possess leadership qualities; Our students will be able to demonstrate their understanding of leadership skills and leader characteristics and the components of leadership.

A student awarded an Executive Leadership Certificate for Health Care Professionals from the William G. McGowan School of Business will possess leadership qualities and be a problem solver.