Laptop and software information and purchase

It is required that all PA students have a (PC) laptop computer with wireless compatibility. It is recommended that the student’s computers have 1GB Memory, Windows Vista or higher and 60-80 GH HD minimum. Your laptop must be compatible with our wireless network. The King’s College wireless network will provide service to endusers that are 802.11 b/g compliant.

** Macintosh laptops are not recommended due to incompatibilities with several online testing sites and the RMS software mentioned in the next paragraph. Any student using a MAC laptop must install Windows Vista or higher and MS Office 2010 or higher. This can be done by partitioning the hard drive and installing the PC software on the separate partition. If you have questions or difficulties with this you may contact the King’s IT department help desk at (570) 208-5900 ext 4357.

You must have Windows Vista or higher and Microsoft Office 2010 or higher installed. You will also be required to set up a Microsoft Live Account to use Windows Rights Management Services before the start of classes. This will allow you to access secure documents throughout the program. The process for doing this will be sent to all accepted students.

You can purchase your software via and use the "software purchase program" on the right. This will get you the cheapest price for the Office product above.

King's College partners with Dell to offer you educational discounts on laptops. If you wish, you may access these offers via the Dell Purchase Program link on the mykings website. Be sure to purchase ONLY the "Essential" Or "Performance" options. These meet the requirements mentioned above and will be the appropriate size for use during the program.

If you have any difficulty with your purchasing, contact the Help Desk.