Campus Activities, Clubs and Organizations


  • All clubs/organizations meetings will need to take place virtually, and advertisement/promotion of the meeting can be done through campus email.


  • Capacity guidelines set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) must be followed for the number of people that can be gathered in one space.  A group will need to check with Conference and Events to know room capacity for spaces on campus.  All attendees should have a facial covering/mask for the duration of the event. 
  • Conference and Events will provide detail on the use of rooms and catering for larger gatherings.
  • No guests outside of the King’s College community will be able to attend club events or gatherings.


  1. Groups planning club fundraising events must first complete a Fundraiser Permit Form, available in Campus Activities office, and submit it for approval to Campus Activities and Student Government.
  2. Fundraising should be done remotely, if possible.  If tabling in a lobby to do sales, reservation for tables will take place after the fundraiser is approved and brought to the Conference and Events office for table availability. 
  3. Distribution of items will need to be done at the main desk in the Toole Lobby.
  4. Markers are in place on the floor from the desk area noting social distancing measures.
  5. Facial covering/masks must be worn by the club member distributing merchandise.
  6. No more than two members at a time in this designated area.
  7. Distribution times must be scheduled through the Campus Activities Office, upon written request from the group. Campus Activities would notify you if your time requested for distribution is approved.
  8. All Bake Sales are prohibited.
  9. Only King’s Cash sales are permitted.
  10. Sales will need to be advertised through email with orders being placed with Google Docs.
  11. At the end of the sale – All King’s Cash purchases will need to be printed out and given to the Director of Campus Activities for processing.

Student clubs and organizations must adhere to all College policies and regulations. All officers and advisors are to be familiar with these policies.

Use of student offices in the Campus Center: Student Government Office/Student Media Offices

Social distancing guidelines must be adhered to when working in the Campus Activities Suite.  This applies to the Student Government and Student Media offices as well.  Facial covering/masks must be worn when visiting or working in the office space.


Travel by clubs and organizations is prohibited.

Failure to comply with the listed guidelines could result in a club or organization losing its status as a recognized group on campus.  They will not be permitted to use College facilities, meeting rooms, club mailboxes, College Business Office accounts, publicized events, receive funding from student government, participate in activities, and be included in all mailings to student organizations.