King’s College has developed guidance for safely resuming in-person instruction. The guidance includes general considerations to support healthy, safe, and inclusive learning environments when resuming in-person instruction, operations, services, and activities. Each person should carefully review this guidance and determine the best strategies and action items needed to ensure their campus experience is healthy and safe. 

Shared Commitment

We all have a shared responsibility to behave in a way that is safe for ourselves, our coworkers and students. Please join us and make the commitment to keep our campus safe. We encourage all faculty, staff and students to please be mindful about exposing yourself to unnecessary risks that may affect others. It may take some time, effort and education to become accustomed to new routines and behaviors. If you see something you believe to be unsafe, please respectfully correct the situation or report it to our pandemic safety officer 


Do not allow stigma to encroach our campus. We must work together and stop stigma in its tracks. Covid-19 does not discriminate, and no employee, student or guest should hesitate to come forward if they have concerns about the virus or suspect they have the virus. To help combat stigma, we have placed signs throughout the campus to remind everyone of the support available to combat stigma.  

We Are Coordinating with Public Health Officials

Representatives from our Student Health Center (SHC), Facilities and senior leadership have established relationships with the Wilkes-Barre City Department of Health (DOH) which is the local office for the PA Department of Health (PA DOH). In the event of a positive case determined on campus, our SHC will notify the Wilkes-Barre City DOH. Likewise, for outside tested positive cases, the Wilkes-Barre City DOH will notify King’s College.  In collaboration with the DOH, our mitigation plan of action for patient isolation, decontamination, contact tracing and self-quarantine recommendations, and safe return to class or work will ensue.  The Wilkes-Barre City DOH may be reached at 570-208-4286. The PA DOH can also be contacted at 1-877-PAHEALTH. (1-877-724-3258).  The coordination of efforts with public health officials provides guidance and support to keep our college community safe.