"This was the first time I was back on campus since graduation. I felt at home being with all the other alumni from the various decades. At first the people were mere strangers but it was exciting to share stories, about a teacher we both had or a common experience that only a King's alumni could relate to. Now those strangers are new lifelong friends and I look forward to the next trip I take part in. This was the best vacation of my life and was jam packed with fun things; I wouldn't hesitate to do it again if given the opportunity!" Anthony Tanzella'03

"As a student here at King's College, it has always been my opinion that the majority of individuals throughout the world hold a universal dream of experiencing and witnessing different aspects in location, culture, etc., first hand. Ever since I was a child, I imagined visiting numerous places across the beautiful world we live in. In particular, one of these places happened to be Italy. My mother and I always dreamed of visiting this country. That's where King's College pulled through in helping to make this dream come true. Although I'm not quite an alumna of this fine institution yet, I was able to attend the King's College Alumni trip to Italy--which might I add, was truly a wonderful experience. What other trip could you possibly go on and see Florence, Venice, Rome, Vatican City, and Pompeii in less than a week? The answer is you can't. The comradery of this group further made this tremendous trip a success. I really urge every student to look for upcoming trips hosted by the King's College Alumni. That way, you can have the actual opportunity and experience to visit different aspects of the world for yourselves rather than reading about it." Ashley Bahlatzis, Current King's College Student

"The entire time while on this fascinating trip, I felt as if I was walking through periods of history. Each museum and historical building came alive and made visitors feel as if Michelangelo and Raffaelo were accompanying us. Our tour guides were knowledgeable and personable. Moreover, the phenomenal tastes of Italy were notable; each area had its specialties. However, the enthusiasm, caring and compatibility of other members in this tour group made each day memorable." Joan Tanzella, Parent of Alumnus

"Our March 2012 alumni trip to Italy was an awesome experience.  The joy of seeing the ancient, the old and modern sights was so moving.  Sharing it with a group of strangers who became wonderful traveling companions in nine days was even better.  Buon Giorno became our main greeting. Six weeks later we were leaving the Kirby Theater in Wilkes-Barre and we heard "Buon Giorno" only to turn around and greet a fellow King's traveler.  It doesn't get any better than that." Jerry'64 & Jackie Cegelka

"The King's College Alumni Trip to Italy was truly a life-altering experience. Of course we saw the well-known ancient landmarks and works of art, but it was the unplanned experiences that were the most memorable, such as walking up 414 stairs of Giotto's bell tower to see the incredible views of Florence, eating at a restaurant across the street from the Colosseum, and attempting to see all of Rome in one day. Having never traveled abroad, it was comforting to be traveling with a group of King's alumni and friends of King's, some of whom are my new close friends." Jennifer Stull'05

"In elementary school I told my dad I wanted to go to Italy. And when I received the Facebook message about the trip I was in heaven.  It was so organized and put together. I loved my traveling companions. I am planning on going back to Italy on my own for a month.  I want to thank the King's College family for helping my dream come true. I am proud to say my second family is the best. Love you King's!" Latoya Kaydian'09