There is a lot to organize as a student attending college abroad, but we’ve made the orientation process for our international students as smooth as possible. As an international student, you will receive a special welcome packet, along with your I20 and information about arrival and next steps. This packet also provides information about accessing the Orientation Portal and completing your assigned tasks before arriving to campus.

As an international student, you’ll be required to attend a special orientation program focused on your unique needs as an international student the day before the Fall Welcome Orientation for all new students.

International Student Arrival

Prior to Wednesday, August 16, 2023

We strongly encourage all international students arrive in Wilkes-Barre no later than Wednesday, January 18, 2023. Arriving early will give you additional days to settle into your housing, navigate your way around campus, learn critical information that will help you acclimate to your life in the United States, as well as understand the academic expectations at King’s College.

Visit the Lodging and Transportation page for more information about local hotels and airports. If you need additional assistance with housing, please call 001-570-208-5856 or email


International Student Orientation

Wednesday, August 16, 2023

International Student Orientation is a great way for you to feel welcomed and get started on your King’s experience! This special orientation program is required and catered to your unique needs as you navigate paperwork and submitting documentation alongside academic and campus topics.

As an F-1 student, you are required to check-in with the International Student Services Office and provide certain documents for your SEVIS record to be registered as active. Registration begins at 9 a.m.  When you arrive, you must bring the following documents with you: 

  • Official copy of your high school transcript 
  • Official copy of ALL college transcripts (if you studied outside the United States, you must submit a WES evaluation) 
  • Your valid passport 
  • Form I-20 
  • F-1 Visa 
  • I-94 - use this link to print the I-94 document
  • Proof of health insurance 
  • Immunization (vaccine) Form 
  • Health History Form (required for students living on campus) 
  • I-901 fee receipt - use this website to print the receipt

A mandatory T-spot Test will be administered and is required before you can attend classes. If you have not yet confirmed your arrival with King’s College, please contact us as soon as possible.

 Fall Welcome Inforamtion for Firts Year Students : chrome-extension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/