Am I required to attend Becoming a Monarch - Summer Orientation?

Students are to attend one Summer Orientation Session during the month of July. This session is designed to help students during their transition to college. If coming to campus presents a hardship (distance, vacation, etc.), please contact the Academic Advisement Office at 570-208-5872. 

What should I wear and what should I bring to Summer Orientation?

Because you will be participating in a team-building session during your Summer Orientation visit, it is recommended that you wear jeans or shorts, sneakers or close-toed shoes. Pajama pants, sweat pants, flip flops, high heels and low-cut shirts are not recommended, as you will be moving around and interacting with other students.

Am I required to take my Placement Tests before attending Summer Orientation?

YES, you must complete all required Placement Tests in the Orientation Portal prior to your Summer Orientation Session. We use this information to create your class schedule. Click Placement Test and Exemptions for more information  and fequently asked questions about placement tests.

What does it mean if I am required to take MATH 100 College Algebra?

It means before enrolling in the required college level math course for graduation (MATH 120 or higher), additional preparation is required through MATH 100 College Algebra.  The course carries 3 college credits and may count as elective credits toward the minimum 120* credit requirement for graduation.

*The number of credit hours required for graduation may be higher in certain major programs or if the student elects to pursue a second major.

What does it mean if I am required to take ENGL 105 Composition?

It means before enrolling in the required college level writing course for graduation (ENGL 110), additional preparation is required through ENGL 105 Composition.  The course carries 3 college credits and may count as elective credits toward the mininum 120* credit requirement for graduation.

*The number of credit hours required for graduation may be higher in certain major programs or if the student elects to pursue a second major.

What if I received extra time/support or had an IEP/504 plan in High School?

Accommodations can be made at the college level through the Academic Skills Center. If you feel you need accommodations for the placement test(s), please contact the Academic Skills Center (570-208-5841) at least one week prior to attempting your test(s). For more information about the Academic Skills Center and Disability Services, click here.

How do I schedule my classes for the first semester?

Before you can schedule your classes for your first semester, you must complete your New-Student Questionnaire and the Placement Tests in the Orientation Portal. Once these are complete, the academic advisors can create a schedule for you. Instructions on how to complete this information will be provided in a Welcome Packet sent to you beginning mid April.

How do I receive college credit for AP/CLEP courses?

Before King’s College can award college credit for an AP/CLEP course, you must be sure to have the official scores sent to King’s College Registrar Office for evaluation.

How do I receive credit for courses I completed at another college/university?

You must request an official transcript from the college/university’s registrar to be sent to King’s College Registrar’s Office for evaluation.

What is the Core Curriculum?

All students at King’s College, regardless of their individual majors, participate in the Core Curriculum. It is, as its name implies, central to all undergraduate degrees at King’s College. It lays the foundation for a liberal education that will be reinforced in the major program and continued throughout life. Core courses comprise a common educational experience that seeks to develop a community of learners; enhance learning through the sharing of viewpoints and ideas; and encourage a spirit of collegiality in the pursuit, discovery, and transmission of that knowledge and truth essential to intellectual growth, moral maturity, and personal fulfillment.

What is the Honors Curriculum?

The Honors Curriculum replaces the Core Curriculum for those who qualify and have chosen to participate in the Honors Program. Detailed information about this program can be found in the college catalog.

How do I qualify for the Honors Program?

Admission to the Honors Program is selective. To qualify, applicants must be in the top twenty percent of their graduating class and have a minimum score of 550 on the reading section and a minimum score of 550 on the math section of the SAT.

Am I required to take a Foreign Language?

YES. However, students have an option to participate in an approved Study Abroad Experience. Consult with your Academic Advisor for more informaiton.

How many credits am I required to take during my first semester?

In order to graduate with a bachelor’s degree in the traditional four year span, you will need to complete five courses, consisting of 15 to 17 credits, each semester. To be considered a full-time student, you must take a minimum of 12 credits.

What is an overload?

An overload is when a student wishes to take a sixth course or more than17 credits in a given semester. A GPA of a 2.5 or better is required along with the approval of the student’s academic advisor and the Registrar. Additional charges apply.

Can I take an overload during my first year?

First-semester students are not usually permitted to take an overload.

What is HCE 101 – The Holy Cross Experience?

The Holy Cross Experience introduces new students to the various dimensions of college life with emphasis on life at King’s. The class is co-led by a faculty/staff member and a student and incorporates intellectual development, service learning, career planning, and social issues.

What is CSEM 100 – Quest for Meaning?

Core 100 is a college-level academic study with emphasis on critical reading and discussion. Each class is designed around a specific topic using various readings to enhance the student’s ability to synthesize textual materials in order to express ideas, formulate positions, and construct oral and written arguments.

When will I receive my King’s Email Address?

Beginning mid April and once King's receives your enrollment deposit, you will receive a Welcome Packet which will provide instructions on how you can establish your Monarch Account and begin accessing your King's College Email

How and when do I receive my Student/Photo ID?

You will have an opportunity to have your picture taken and receive your Student ID during your Becoming a Monarch: Summer Orientation or during Becoming a Monarch: Fall Orientation. 

When do I receive my Class Schedule?

You will receive your class schedule when you meet with an Academic Advisor during Summer Orientation. Students will also receive an email during the first week in August from the Registrar's Office with instrtutions on how to access your class schedule on Web-Advisor.

How do I know what books to purchase for my classes?

Once you have your schedule, you may purchase books, using the course code and number (ex. ENGL 110) and the Section letter. This will give you the exact title and edition of the book/s required for the course.

Where can I purchase my books for my classes?

You may purchase books online from the King’s Barnes & Noble website, in the bookstore when you come to campus, or from any discount college textbook website by using the title and edition or the ISB number of the required textbook.

Who should I contact if I encounter difficulties setting my King’s E-mail and/or Web-Advisor accounts?

You may contact King’s College Informational & Instructional Technology Services (IITS) by calling 570-208-4357.