Robert P. Wolensky, adjunct professor of history and sociology at King's College, was recently awarded a Fulbright fellowship for a research project based at the University of Exeter in England. The study involves a comparison of the anthracite coal industry of Northeastern Pennsylvania and the British coal mining industry, specifically on the topic of labor relations and mineral rights access.  He will take up residency in Exeter for a period of five months where he will be joined in the study by faculty in the University's History Department.

A native of the Wyoming Valley, Wolensky has authored or co-authored books on the tropical storm Agnes flood of 1972, the Knox mine disaster of 1959, the garment workers industry between 1944-2000, and the Avondale mine disaster of 1869.

His most recent book is titled, "Anthracite Labor Wars: Tenancy, Italians, and Organized Crime in the Northern Coalfield of Northeastern Pennsylvania, 1897-1959."   A graduate of Central Catholic High School, Kingston, he earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology from Villanova University and an master's and doctorate in the same discipline from Penn State University.

Wolensky has been an adjunct professor at King's since 2005.  He has also lectured in several classes and engaged in research projects and historical preservation projects with King's faculty and staff.

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