The King’s College McGowan Hispanic Outreach Program recently completed its eighth Summer Residential Enrichment Program for high school juniors and seniors. The summer residential program is an extension of the weekly mentoring program that take place during the academic year.

The high school students are currently studying at Coughlin, Meyers, GAR, and Scranton High School.  The group also included two students who graduated from a high school in Columbia and recently emigrated to Northeast Pennsylvania.  This summer’s high school curriculum included classes in literacy, math, environmental science, theater and leadership.   Library skills and reading skills workshops were also built into the curriculum.

The three-week curriculum included a visit to the Pocono Environmental Education Center.  To complement their science class, the high school students learned how animals interact with the environment.

Pictured in first row, from left is Reyna Logsdon, McGowan Hispanic Outreach Coordinator; Catherine Perez (Coughlin); Sabrina Jara (Coughlin), Bereniss Sosa (Nanticoke), and Isabella Dominguez (Colombia).

Pictured in the second row, from left, is Jennifer Suarez-Vergara (Meyers); Brother George Schmitz, CSC, former McGowan Hispanic Outreach Coordinator; Lizbeth Jaramillo (Coughlin); Emily Palacios (Meyers); Tiffany Amigon (Coughlin); Jennifer Malvar (Meyers); and David Torres (Meyers).

Pictured in third row, from left, is Jeffery Amigon (Meyers); Jose Gonzalez (Scranton); Edwin Paramo (Scranton); Erick Velez (GAR); Hugo Dominquez (Colombia), and Israel Gonzalez (Coughlin).

King’s College is a Catholic College Sponsored by the Congregation of Holy Cross.

16 Students Complete Summer Residential Enrichment Program at King’s College