July 5, 2014 - King’s College will begin offering classes this fall in two new graduate education programs, a master’s of education degree in special education and an endorsement program in Instructional Coaching.

The master’s degree program in Special Education will require 10 three-credit courses for completion and is designed to compliment a Pennsylvania Department of Education approved Autism Spectrum Disorder Endorsement Program which began two years ago.

The master’s program course offering in the fall semester will be a course in Special Education Law taught by Lee Evans, assistant technical professor at King’s College and a former Director of Special Education for the Luzerne Intermediate Unit.

“My conversations with local special education directors have indicated the retention rate of special education teachers is low,” said Deborah Carr, director of the curriculum and instruction master’s degree programs at King’s. “This fact reinforces the need for greater expertise in this specialized area in order to create longevity in position and efficacy of learning.  This situation mirrors a national shortage.  A recent US Department of Education report indicated that 44 states reported teacher shortages in special education.”

The Instructional Coaching program is a Pennsylvania Department of Education Endorsement. This endorsement builds off courses in the King’s Reading Specialist’s Certification Program, although participants do not have to have a reading specialist certification to enroll in the program.  Completion of the endorsement requires four courses with a 45-hour field practicum.

The program is designed to provide support for the new Pennsylvania teacher evaluations and to build teacher leadership skills.

“We had many of our professionals in King’s reading specialist master’s program wanting to take more courses and the department felt that the instructional coaching is a natural progression,” said Jill Yurko, director of the graduate reading programs at King’s.  “The certificate courses will refine collaboration skills and observations skills and the coursework will develop critical eyes for the implementation of theory in the classroom and its impact on the instructional delivery as well as student achievement.

Additional information can be obtained at http://www.kings.edu/academics/graduate_majors#specialed and by contacting the King’s College Graduate Office at 570-208-5991 or gradprograms@kings.edu.

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