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May 20, 2020 - King's College students, primarily sophomores, taking a "Principles of Management" class had the opportunity this semester to participate in the Seventh Annual Target Case Competition.

The competition involved teams of students who are given a case study from Target for which they design a solution and present their findings to a panel of judges. This year’s case study, “Leading Through Change,” involved the introduction of coaching as a new management practice.

An added component to the student participant’s challenge in this year’s competition was that their presentation had to occur virtually and various forms of technology had to be incorporated to make an effective visual presentation.

A total of 48 students grouped into 13 teams entered the competition. Six of those teams, comprised of 19 students, were selected to present to managers from Target corporation. The presenters submitted via a recorded video and the winning team was chosen based upon the following criteria: Courage - Risk For Outcome, Engages & Inspires / Energy, Solves Problems / Diverse Sources, Strategic / Overcome challenges, Innovative, New Ideas, & Successful/Ease to Implement.

Members of the first-place team were Aziz Atiyeh, Matt Beecham, Liam Martinchek, Connor Quaglia, and Tyler Sindel.

The winning team shared $1,000 in prize money that was provided by the Angelo P. Decesaris Executive in Residence from the McGowan School of Business.

Pictured clockwise from top left is Atiyeh, Sindel, Beecham, Martinchek and Quaglia.