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July 6, 2016 - Twenty local grade school students and 12 candidates for a Master’s degree in reading from King’s College recently completed the College’s fourth annual Reading Clinic.

The goal of the week-long event is to pair students looking for assistance in improving their reading comprehension level with people in the master’s of reading degree program at King’s.  Many of the master’s degree students are full-time grade school teachers.

Seated in first row, from left, are grade school participants Paige Yurko, Conor Richardson, Scott Weiland, Logan Richardson, Brody Richardson, Jaggar Prukala, Bethany Santey, Julia Valenti, Allison Desciak, and Ally Davis.

Picture in second row, from left, is Jaxon Bryden, Tafarie Fashraf, Amani Armstrong, Bea Davis, Alex Snyder, Aiden Walsh, Anne Davis, Ethan Benson, Jason McKeown, and Hayden Schwabe.

Pictured in back row, from left, are master’s degree students Maria Deno, Michel Hughes, Kayanne Barilla, Amanda Plisko, Renee Phillips, Georgia Brittain, Michele Mulheron, Edward Rosengrant, Leslee McClain, Kelly Sandrock, Stephanie Widdoes, and Maria Marchese.  Pictured at far right is Dr. Jill Yurko, director of the Graduate Reading Program.