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June 5, 2017 – “Game of Thrones versus History: Written in Blood,”  the latest book by Rev. Brian Pavlac, Ph.D., professor of history at King’s College, has been published by Wiley. The book collects contributions from scholars around the globe who discuss how history could be understood through George R. R. Martin's bookseries and the resulting HBO television series. Pavlac contributed two essays, while Dr. Daniel Clasby and Dr. Nicole Mares of the King’s College History Department also wrote essays.  Dr. William Irwin of the King’s Philosophy Department wrote a forward.

Dr. Pavlac’s textbook, “A Concise Survey of Western Civilizations: Supremacies and Diversities throughout History,” was published by Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc. in 2011. He also authored the book, “Witch Hunts in the Western World: Persecution and Punishment from the Inquisition through the Salem Trials,” published in a paperback edition by Bison Books.

A resident of Kingston, Pavlac became a full-time professor at King’s in 1993. He was awarded the 2010 Herve A. LeBlanc Distinguished Service Professorship, which honors faculty who, because of their dedication to teaching and commitment to learning, serve as exemplary professors to their students. 

Pavlac earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from Bowling Green State University, and a master’s degree and doctorate in history from the University of Notre Dame. He currently teaches courses on ancient and medieval history, global history, western civilizations, history of Christianity, and women’s history in Europe.

Dr. Brian Pavlac