Wilkes-Barre, Pa., March 28, 2022 - Students from the King’s College Education Department presented projects at the Pennsylvania Technical and Training Assistance Network (PaTTAN), in Hershey, Pa., on March 3 and 4. The annual statewide conference provides a forum for educational professionals to share resources used to support individuals with disabilities in Pennsylvania.

Jamie Lesek (Lake Ariel, Pa.) assisted associate professor Dr. Sunny Weiland in presenting findings related to universal design for learning. Jamie’s project demonstrated how to include all students in the general education classroom using a theme-based unit that encouraged students with and without visual impairments to engineer a model of a wooly mammoth. Jamie’s work was part of her pre-student teaching experience last semester. She will graduate this spring with the Class of 2022.

Leonardo Brennan (Kingston, Pa.) and Misael Hernandez (Berwick, Pa.) presented initial findings with assistant professor Dr. Andrew Wojcik. Their project described special educators’ experiences related to alternate assessment, which is part of the states’ reading and mathematics assessment process. Special educators led teams that chose the assessment for students with the “most significant cognitive disabilities.” Both Leonardo and Misael will graduate next year with the Class of 2023.

“This conference provided King's College teacher candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and application regarding the best practices in education and mechanisms for all students to succeed,” said Dr. Weiland. “King's students were able to attend conference sessions to network and learn about educational innovation from across the country.”

King’s College’s Education Department offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees, graduate-level certificate and endorsement programs, as well as Act 48 professional development courses. To learn more about these offerings, visit https://www.kings.edu/education. To learn more about the conference, visit www.pattan.net.

From Left, King’s College students Leonardo Brennan, Kingston, Pa., Class of 2023; Misael Hernandez, Berwick, Pa., Class of 2023; Jamie Lesek, Lake Ariel, Pa., Class of 2022 with professors Dr. Sunny Weiland and Dr. Andrew Wojcik.