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Dec. 5, 2016 - The King’s College Community recently recognized employees for their service to the College during an annual Patron’s Day Mass held on the Feast of Christ the King, the College’s patron.

Two faculty members and an administrator were each recognized with the Christi Regis Medal, which is presented to faculty and administrators completing 20 years of service to King’s.  The award has been awarded every year since it was established by the King’s College Board of Directors in 1966, the 20th anniversary of the College. Christi Regis Award recipients were: Daniel Cebrick, Registrar’s Office; Dr. William Irwin, Philosophy; and Dr. Jayne Klenner, Computer and Information Systems. 

Jane Artmont and Kenneth Ritts of the College’s Facilities Department were honored with the Twenty Year Service Award. Established by the Board of Directors in 1974, the award is bestowed upon those members of the King’s community who, in supportive roles, have manifested their constancy and devotion to the ideals of the college.  

Also honored at a post-Mass brunch were employees who are celebrating employment anniversaries ranging from 10-45 years. Those marking anniversaries were: 45 years, William Drumin and Steve Seitchik; 40 years, Michael Church; 35 years Marijo Elias and Rev. Charles Kociolek, C.S.C.; 30 years, Joseph Asklar, William Keating, Thomas Stanitis, and Paul Zbiek; 25 years, James Anderson, Rosemary Gryskevicz, Paul Herron, and Mary Jane Jurish; 15 years, Jeff Andrejko, John Andrejko, Amy Brzoska, Sam Falbo, Daniel Ghezzi, John Kratz, Rev. Thomas Looney, C.S.C., Anne Massey, Donna Mattei, Jennifer McClinton Temple, Michele McGowan, Joel Shuman, Trent Snider, Brian Stiles, Robert Thomas, and Robin Wilde; 10 years, Fevzi Akinci, Lea Anstett, David Balester, Mark Bassett, Michael Blockus, William Bolan, Bridget Costello, Robin Field, Aaron Hand, David Johnson, Elaine Katra, Theresa Kinney, Timothy Kulpa, Anna Minore, Gary Lantz, Sandy Loeb, Sharon Nice, Denise Pearce, Cristofer Scarboro, Sheri Yech, Ronald Zack, and Weiwei Zhang. 

Steve Seitchik, 45 years

Michael Church, 40 years

Marijo Elias, 35 years

Rev. Charles Kociolek, C.S.C., 35 years

William Keating, 30 years

Thomas Stanitis, 30 years

Paul Herron, 25 years

Daniel Cebrick, 20 years

Dr. William Irwin, 20 years

Dr. Jayne Klenner, 20 years