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Feb. 19, 2016 - The Knights of Columbus at King’s College will host a free public presentation titled, “The Relics of the Passion,” a meditative, musical program focused on Jesus’ Passion. The program will be held at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 25, in the J. Carroll McCormick Campus Ministry Center and will end with an opportunity for personal veneration of the relics.

The presentation with the meditations is approximately 50 minutes, which may be extended to provide adequate time for veneration. A violinist and cantor will arrange musical selections. Prayer cards containing the Prayer Before a Crucifix will be provided, compliments of the Knights of Columbus.

The presentation includes eight rare holy relics that would only be seen in collections generally found in Rome or the Holy Land. Included are: a relic of the True Cross; a piece of stone from the table or room where the Last Supper was held; a piece of the Column of Flagellation; a piece of the Crown of Thorns; the effigy of the Veil of Veronica (touched to the original veil); a replica of the holy nail which contains filings taken from the true nails that were imbedded in copies to make relics of a lower class; a piece of bone from St. Longinus, the centurion that pierced the side of Jesus; and a thread from the cloth used as the wrapping for the Burial Shroud.

The J. Carroll McCormick Campus Ministry Center is located at Franklin and Jackson streets. Parking will be available in on-campus lots. For more information, please contact Rev. Thomas Looney, Director of Campus Ministry and College Chaplain, at (570) 208-5890 or email