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June 19, 2019 - Sixty-six students entering their final year of the master’s degree physician assistant program at King’s College recently began their clinical rotations, many with local health care practitioners.  A twelve-week rotation in family medicine and separate six-week rotations in medical specialties including emergency medicine, internal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and general surgery will conclude with their graduation from the program in August 2020.  In addition to local health care facilities, physician assistant students are also completing rotations in Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Virginia, South Carolina, Illinois, Florida, Arkansas, Maryland, Texas, and Wisconsin. 

Pictured in front row, from left, is Mallory Fox, Marlee Mierzwa, Ali Feathers, Angela Ferreira, Leah Hantz, Kylee Leckey, Corey Lisa, Abigail May Gibbs, Jacqueline L. Simonetti, Ashley McManus, Bethanie F. Jones, Devan Pepe, Stephanie Orzelek, Annamarie Chefalo, Melissa Loomis, and Lauren Phillips.

Pictured in second row, from left, is Elias Berro, Taylor Duplaga, Aleaha Blazick, Kara Bednarek, Sonia Okolo, Elizabeth Kutza, Emily Barbella, Abbigail Reimer, Amanda Schwerdtman, Carolyn Weber, Ashley Strazdus, Nicole Mealey, Madeline Kumm, Haley Stackhouse, Courtneyanne Randall, Samuel Loffredo, Brianna Pichler, Brianna Contreras, Melissa Dagnall, James McGuigan, and Matthew Mantilla.

Pictured in third row, from left, is Alejandro Kashani, Benjamin Gleason, Katrice Werley, Hannah Jenkins, Brooke Lutz, Marykathryn Braun, Magdalene Kelly, Jillian Korgeski, Andrea Galvin, Elizabeth Scialpi, Victor Mallory, Nikolas Gushka, Brad Tolan, Erik Webster, Mariavictoria Choinski, and Riley Close.

Pictured in back row, from left, is Justin Kuna, Daniel Cabarcas, Alexia Walls, Leah Heffelfinger, Brynn Connor, Morgan Albrecht, Alexandra Wolk, Jenna Kimmerle, Amber Saylor, Allyson Devoir, Amanda Carroll, Mark Voyack, and Michael Gorski.