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June 1, 2020 - Based on increasing demand and more rigorous standards for professional practitioners, King’s College will add another master’s degree program through its Health Sciences Division when an on-line program in nutrition science begins in the fall.

The program, which consists of 12 seven-week on-line classes, will train participants to use evidence-based nutritional science therapeutic programs to evaluate and address diseased including obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.  If the program is completed in the suggested sequence of classes, completion can be accomplished in a minimum of 24 months. To meet that timeline, students will need to complete two seven-week classes during each fall and spring semester and two classes during each summer.

“Current trends in health care increasingly encourage prevention rather than treatment of disease,” said Dr. Jan Kretzschmar, Program Director of Nutrition Science. “As such, nutrition science is ideally positioned to support that mission, specifically when it comes to treating chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.”

Candidates for the program must have at least a bachelor’s degree in a health, life, or basic science field.  Qualifying degrees include, but are not limited to, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, athletic training, exercise science, pharmacology, physician assistant, medicine, kinesiology, and physical or occupational therapy.

Courses in the program include Physiological Basis for Nutrition, Biochemistry of Nutrition, Food Principals and Preparation, Therapeutic Nutrition, Nutrition Counseling, and Food Systems and Health.

For more information visit or contact Christine Stevens, Director of Graduate Admission at 570-208-5991 or