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May 28, 2019 - Ten students received a bachelor’s degree from both the University of Notre Dame and King’s College recently, becoming the second group to complete the 3+2 Engineering Dual Program between King’s College and Notre Dame.

The students entered King’s in fall 2014 and spent three years taking mathematics, science, pre-engineering and liberal arts courses.  The group then completed engineering courses in their chosen field at Notre Dame for the past two years. Students received a bachelor’s of science degree from both King’s and Notre Dame.

Pictured seated, from left, is Patrick Driscoll, who majored in physics at King’s and mechanical engineering at Notre Dame; Benjamin Siegel, environmental science, cum laude, and environmental engineering; and Kruschef Sanchez, physics and mechanical engineering.

Pictured in middle row, from left, is Brianna Zawacki, physics, summa cum laude, and civil engineering; Elizabeth George, chemistry, cum laude, and chemical and biomolecular engineering; and Victoria Zawacki, chemistry, summa cum laude, and chemical and biomolecular engineering.

Pictured in back row, from left, is Brett Almind, physics and aerospace engineering; Andrew Heilmann, physics and civil engineering; Joseph Snipas, physics, cum laude, and mechanical engineering; and Sean O’Brien, physics, magna cum laude, and mechanical engineering.