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May 12, 2020 - Included in the four on-line Professional Development Courses offered at King’s College this summer are two courses designed specifically to assist teachers in managing resources and structure in the online digital environment that many are facing during the current COVID19 school closures.

Sean McLaughlin, Wilkes-Barre Area social studies coordinator, will be teaching “The Digital Classroom in COVID19 & Beyond” (Educ. 6048).  Recognizing the challenges that teachers have faced over the last few months, the course will provide support in identifying resources and tools to enhance student engagement and achievement. Through project-based learning, flipped classroom approaches, video conferencing tools, and available free resources, teachers can create activities for their own classes given any extended COVID19 shutdown, easier substitute plans, or even snow days. The Digital Classroom is an online course from July 6 through August 6.

In additional to Digital Classroom course, McLaughlin will also teach “Cross Curricular Learning” (Educ. 6039), an online course on July 15-16 with assignments that extend through August 6.

Scott Horlacher, social studies teacher at Hazleton Area High School, will teach “Beyond the Classroom: WebQuests and Virtual Field Trips” (Educ 5940). The course will focus on practical content specific technology. Emphasis will be placed on WebQuests, Virtual Field Trips, and Podcasts/Videos applicable to K-12 instruction. The evaluation of technology activities and resources as well as assessment of student engagement will be highlighted. The course will be offered online July 27 through July 31.

A professional development course that will prepare teachers for emergencies is “School Emergency Preparedness” (Educ. 6000). The course will explore the multiple facets of school emergency preparedness and situations that modern-day educators face. Current best practices and information on school safety will be shared along with ways to identify problems before they turn into a catastrophic event. The instructor is Joe DeLucca, Director of Federal, State & Nonpublic Programs at the Luzerne Intermediate Unit 18. He is also the President of the Luzerne County Safe Schools Committee, is NIMS Certified, and a Certified Trainer in School Security Audits. The online course will occur May 30 through June 13.

Students will receive three graduate credits (not transferable toward all master’s degree) and Act 48 credits upon successful completion of each course. The cost per course is $759.

Education Department Chair, Dr. Denise Reboli, recognizes the importance of supporting teachers with continuing education opportunities. These online courses are particularly timely and will provide teachers the time to share and plan for the fall while getting graduate course credit. The courses are valuable for individuals or school teams.

Additional information and registration materials are available at the King’s Professional Development Center webpage,, or by calling the center at (570)208-8015.