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June 27, 2016 - Ten King’s College students and two faculty members recently completed a faculty-led study abroad experience to Eastern Europe as part of the King’s College Geographies of Europe Series. The trip included excursions to the Czech Republic, Poland, and Slovakia. This is the second time that King’s students and faculty have studied at Eastern European cultural sites. 

Student participants were Brynn Connor, Marissa Durako, William Hearne, Caroline Jones, Kristi Naylor, Jordyn O'Leary, Marisa Spatafore, Brianne Talocka, William Trowbridge, and Charlotte Yelnosky. 

As part of the program, titled “Identity, Place, and Discovery in Eastern Central Europe,” students travelled to numerous cultural sites, including the Auschwitz concentration camp located outside Krakow, the Devin Castle on the Danube in Slovakia, and the Jewish Quarter in Prague. 

This program was designed for students to develop a growing awareness of the complex identities of the people of Eastern Europe, including their religious, ethnic, linguistic, and social understandings through a historical exploration.   

King’s faculty members Dr. Beth Admiraal, political science, and Renata Evans, foreign languages, were program directors. King’s College offers a variety of faculty-led study abroad programs as part of its commitment to global learning and student development.

King’s students and faculty who participated in the short-term study abroad experience to Europe are, seated from left: Marisa Spatafore, Charlotte Yelnosky, and Jordan O’Leary. Standing: Dr. Beth Admiraal, program director; Caroline Jones; Marissa Durako; William Trowbridge; William Hearne; Brynn Connor; Renata Evan, program director; and Kristi Naylor.