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Wilkes-Barre, Pa., November 18, 2021 – King’s College Computer & Information (CIS) students shadowed IT professionals so that they can get a better understanding of their career path and explore their career options. This semester, 12 students had the opportunity to job shadow at the following companies and organizations:

Student Company Mentor Title
Joshua Arias Benco Dental Joe Paulowskey Manager, Application Development
Christian Barnak Golden Technologies Kevin Martin, ‘09 IT Director
Kanisha Cheshire Ken Pollock Auto Group Joshua Cummings IT/Web Development
Jason Giomboni EXP Realty Jason Giomboni, Sr. Team Leader
Abigail Hernandez GUARD Berkshire Hathaway Tony Thornton VP of Software Development
Bret Murphy United One Thomas Husband CIO
Yehia Nazmy APCO Holdings Eric Witkowski, ‘03 Manager, Application Development
Alexander Powell McCarthy Tire Keith Budurka Director of Information Technology
Justin Ryba The Vanguard Group Tom Timonte, ‘12 Technical Lead
Samuel Savitski-Webb Coal Creative Holly Pilcavage President/CEO
Brent Shurmanek Keystone Community Resources Chris Lorinez Information Technology Coordinator
Torin Smith Topp Business Solutions Brandon Coletti IT Service Manager

Job shadowing involves spending time following a professional as they perform their job duties and responsibilities. The student experiences a one-on-one relationship with a mentor observing their daily activities and gaining valuable information about their chosen career.

This hands-on learning opportunity helps our students gain information about possible future career interests; observe the daily routine of their mentor; observe a company or business; gain an insight of the academic, technical, and personal skills required by a particular occupation; gain an understanding of the connection between college and work; and gain information to assist students in goal setting and educational planning.

Learning about an organization is simpler for students who, through observation, gain an understanding of how the world of business works. However, for this to be a meaningful experience, students job shadow someone in their career path interest area. These mentors provide an opportunity for students to experience the world of work and apply their education in a real-world setting. This experience helps students understand the relevance of education through application.

Professor Shirley Yanovich emphasizes the importance of building relationships and gaining insight into an organization and career path. She provides her students with an opportunity to form networking relationships so her students can succeed in growing into internships and career employment.

Yanovich remarked, “I absolutely love seeing the excitement from my students. It is never too early to prepare our students for career paths.” She continued, “They also focus on both hard and soft skills needed to obtain a job shadow.”

Kanisha Cheshire, class of 2024, commented, “Colleges and universities that incorporate job shadows into their education are on the right track. A job shadow is a very important experience that a student should go through before getting a job out in the real world. My job shadow experience gave me a glimpse into exactly what a day in the life of an IT person might look like. This was a valuable opportunity for me to expand my knowledge and experience as well as network. Doing a job shadow also helped me understand if I would be interested in the CIS field or not. Luckily, for me, I really enjoyed my job shadow. My experiences and advice from my mentor were very helpful to me as a CIS major and it, also, helped me portray the work field in a way I never have before.”

From left, first row – Brent Shurmanek; Kanisha Cheshire; and Abigail Hernandez.
Second row – Shirley Yanovich, CIS Technical Professor; Yehia Nazmy; Samuel Savitski-Webb; Torin Smith; and Bret Murphy.
Third Row – Jason Giomboni; Christian Barnak; Joshua Arias; and Alexander Powell.