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June 21, 2016 - Thirteen King’s College students recently completed a three-week faculty-led study abroad program to the Los Amigos Biological Research Station in the lowland Amazon forest in Peru. This is the third summer that King’s students and faculty have conducted research in the Amazon. 

Student participants were: Amy Barge, Dante DeAngelo, Erin Dempsey, Samuel Goldheart, Ryan Hegarty, Claire Jones, Eve Kary, Amanda Klass, Gabriel Lopez, Nicholas Martino, Nicole Mealey, Jessica Pacovsky, and Rene Sousa. 

During the 17-day course, King’s students explored the biological diversity in tropical forests and the Amazon River Basin as well as learned about environmental issues related to the extraction of natural resources, cultural differences within and among nations, and the process of scientific research. 

The program, titled “Tropical Ecosystems: Forests of the Peruvian Amazon,” featured a number of activities including independent research and excursions to Lima, Cusco, Puerto Maldonado, and Machu Picchu.

Dr. Garrett Barr, department chair and associate professor biology, and Dr. Tammy Tintjer, assistant professor of biology, were the program directors. King’s College offers a variety of faculty-led study abroad programs as part of its commitment to global learning and student development.

King’s students and faculty who participated in the short-term study abroad experience to the Los Amigos Biological Station in the lowland Amazon forest in Peru are, seated first row from left: Claire Jones, Gabriel Lopez, Eve Kary, Rene Sousa, and Nicole Mealey. Row 2: Amy Barge, Erin Dempsey, Nicholas Martino, and Amanda Klass. Row 3: Dr. Tammy Tintjer, associate professor of biology; Samuel Goldheart; Dante DeAngelo; Ryan Hegarty; and Dr. Garrett Barr, department chair and associate professor biology.